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Product Information

Robin Red HB is a superb hook bait (lure) ingredient. Its unique smell and taste have tempted literally thousands of carp since the 1950s. What makes Robin Red so attractive to fish? This debate started in 1950 and hasn't concluded quite yet!

Beware of any look-alike that claims to be Robin Red and feel free to contact us to verify who our “approved stockists” are - our advice is simple: buy direct from Haith's Baits or from an Approved Robin Red Bait Firm.

The smell and taste of Robin Red are totally unique and it has incredible pulling power. The fresh and peppery smell is one of the best ways to quickly identify the original from a fake. The other way to tell the difference is results!

Robin Red has a proven record for performance – it’s as attractive to fish today as the first day it was used in the 50s. And the rumours about the recipes are as rife today as they were in the 1970s and 80s.

So, accept no imitations.

Robin Red® is a registered trademark of John E Haith Ltd (Haith’s). Look for the "approved" logo or check our list of "approved bait firms" before you buy a Robin Red bait.

Please note: This product is an ingredient for fishing lures (hook baits) only and must not be used as a fish feed ingredient or feed material. Use Robin Red animal feed for bait.

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Product Information

Robin Red (UK/EU) can be used in bait, groundbait, hookbaits, liquids, and can be labelled as a complementary feed for fish because it meets UK/EU regulations for animal feed. Use it in the same way you may have used the original product, which remains available for hookbaits, namely at a level of 5-10% with room for upward inclusion rate in high-attract alternative hookbaits. If you're making a Liquid Robin Red, we'd suggest 20% makes a high-quality liquid that delivers performance.

"During tests undertaken in association with Haith’s, CC Moore & Co Ltd found Robin Red® (UK/EU) to be at least as effective as an ingredient when compared to original Robin Red®" - CC Moore & Co Ltd.

Haith’s New Robin Red® (UK/EU) properties:

This is the new Robin Red® (UK/EU) made by Haith’s
Contains feed-permitted colourant, specifically for edible bait use
Consistent, vivid beetroot-red, oily spice meal
Smooth, sweet, red pepper aroma & taste
Highly effective bird food type bait ingredient
Gives texture to baits, increases leakage potential
Adds valuable vits & mins
Dyes baits red/brown when used at higher levels
Suitable for year-round use in any base mix
Use up to 50% in your mix, use lower levels in winter

Complementary feed for fish.

Analytical constituents:

Oil A: 13.03%
Crude Protein: 11.1%
Crude Fibre: 13.1%
Dry Matter: 93.8%
Moisture: 6.2%
Ash: 5.5%
Total Oil: 13.56%
Starch: 3.2%

Composition: Capsicum, Red Beet Extract, Sucrose, Vegetable oil, Maltodextrin

*Comment on colour for finished baits: a little less 'blood red' in colour than Robin Red original and a slightly more natural 'rust brown' instead.

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