Imitation Lupin Beans White Large (Tp 10X6)

Artikelnr: ET73LW

Buoyant imitation Lupin Bean ideal for use as a ‘wafter’ hook bait or to tip a boilie,that is resistant to the attentions of nuisance species including Crayfish.

A favourite with continental angler’s Lupin bean are now gaining popularity in the UK with carp and specialist angler’s looking to gain an edge.

Our buoyant imitation Lupin beans make a great alternative bait to imitation corn. Their flatter profile makes them ideal for use as a ‘wafter’ hook bait, whether fished as a single stand alone bait, or over a bed of spod mix. Also ideal for tipping boilies pellets etc.

Pack Contains: Mixed small/medium pack 4 of each different size. Large pack 6.

Available in Yellow & White.

How to set up useful rigs for the ET73 Imitation Lupin Beans

lupin bean rigs

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