Drop-Out Back Leads 1.5oz (42G) Gravel (TPx5)

Artikelnr: DOBL112GL

The design of these unique low-profile back leads enables you to easily adjust the force required for the clip and weight to separate – an essential safety feature if you are back leading near to pads or over marginal weed.

  • Low profile keeps line closer to the lake bed
  • Available in 4 finishes: Brown, Chod, Green and Gravel.
  • Four sizes available from ½ to 2 ounces.(1/2 ounce drop out back leads are made from non toxic lead alternative).
  • When fishing in open water, for maximum grip screw threaded peg fully into rubber retaining sleeve.
  • For quicker, controlled safety release partially insert threaded peg into the lead so the back lead can release if it becomes snagged.
  • 4 back leads per packet.
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