Baiting Spoon Handle (Short)

Artikelnr: GTBSH

The Short Baiting Spoon is for use with the Gardner Baiting Spoon. It features a standard 3/8″ BSF fitting meaning it can be used with other baiting spoons to. Makes an ideal single handed spoon for short range work. Also excellent for spreading bait around a marker from a boat.

  • Length= 12.5cm, weight= 186 grams.
  • Black Rubber grip for comfort.
  • Made from Solid Steel for maximum durability.
  • The handle is not too heavy but also not too light giving you more power for longer range work.
  • Standard thread fits any baiting spoon.
  • Includes Leather Lock Washer for improved locking and unlocking.

There are also 2 other handles available; The Lightweight Baiting Spoon Handle and the Long Baiting Spoon Handle.

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