Rod Rest 20" (51cm)

Artikelnr: RR2

Based on our original solid pointed bankstick but with a flexible rubber rod rest head instead of a brass top.

The head has a groove to allow line through but can also be used as a rear rod rest.

  • Strong yet lightweight 13mm (½”) diameter Aluminium tube and solid sliding inner tube.
  • Solid Aluminium point copes with the hardest ground.
  • Brass collar resists wear and tear better.
  • Posi-grip Trilobe thumbscrew for easy use.
  • Black powder coated finish.
  • Manufactured in the UK – Beware of inferior imitations.
  • Superb value for money.
  • Available in 30cm (12″), 51cm (20″) and 76cm (30″).

Top Tip – Try immersing a Flexible Rubber Head in a cup of boiling water for a minute or two – Be careful! It is easier to leave it attached to the Rod Rest. When hot, the Head can be moulded to the exact width of your rod butt (or an alternative shape). To set the new shape, hold the Head under cold running water for 10 seconds or until the temperature has cooled down to normal.

Length Extension Length
30cm (12″) Extends to 45cm (18″)
51cm (20″) Extends to 85cm (34″)
76cm (30″) Extends to 120cm (48″)
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