Retention Sling XL Continental

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The Continental Retention Sling is a larger version of our extremely popular Retention Sling. It has been designed to safely weigh and retain even the biggest carp, when caught both abroad and in UK waters.

The Sling effectively minimises the handling of any fish caught, as there is no need to transfer the fish between a weigh sling and a sack (if allowed). It is also extremely useful for allowing the fish to fully recover before and after weighing, treatment and photography.

  • Use this sling to safely weigh and temporarily retain fish whilst preparing camera equipment, etc.
  • The sling features large soft mesh panels that allow excellent water exchange which is absolutely essential to allow the fish a speedy and full recovery after capture.
  • The ‘solid’ upper panels at the top of each side reduce light penetration, helping to keep the fish calm and reducing overall stress. If the fish is calm and quiet it will be in a much better position to recover after being caught.
  • Long retaining cord (4m) and 3/8 BSF clip for secure attachment to a standard bankstick.
  • Hi-Vis reflective bands highlight the position of the sling in low light and at night. Please note the nature of these strips mean that they will show up extremely vividly in flash photography. So it’s worth keeping this in mind when your arranging/positioning your equipment in preparation for fish shots.
  • Manufactured with single piece solid composite poles that are strong and lightweight.
  • Full length zip secures the fish safely in the sling and floats give enough buoyancy to keep the sling on the surface.
  • This sling has been designed to give the fish adequate space but not enough room to enable the fish to turn around in the sling. It offers adequate room for large carp, without being so deep that fish can potentially rub on the lake bed.
  • Overall dimensions: 150cm long x 60cm deep.

*Please ensure that the fish you catch are only retained for as short a period as practical. Never retain fish in extremely shallow margins, especially in high water temperatures (that can cause low dissolved oxygen in the water).

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