Distance Pear 3.5oz (99G) Camo (TPx10)

Artikelnr: DP312C

The unique shape of this elongated pear lead, means that the Distance Pear is ideal for use in almost any angling situation, from under the rod tips to maximum range.

The shape effectively balances the need for excellent aerodynamics and stability during flight whilst still creating solid resistance when a carp picks up your hookbait and pricks itself.

  • These Distance Pear leads are perfect for use on Helicopter, lead clip and running lead arrangements. A truly great and versatile ‘all-rounder’ of a lead shape.
  • These leads feature a size 8 swivels.
  • Available in sizes ranging from 2oz (57g) to 4oz (113g).
  • Choice of 3 finishes: Stone, Camo, Dung.

Coating colour guide:

  • Stone – A new extremely natural looking smooth, hard wearing finish that is the perfect choice for anglers that are serious about the camouflaging all of their end tackle. The new Stone finish is ideal for any venue with a substrate made up of clay, gravel, sand, etc.
    *This Stone finish darkens to a wonderful mid-tone matt colour when wet, creating a truly superb natural looking finish.
  • Camo – A robust plastic powder coating that blends several colours including green and brown to make a natural colour that blends in really well in with a wide range of aquatic environments.
  • Dung – The classic organic coating that looks absolutely ‘natural’ and ensures that your lead blends in with almost any aquatic environment. The ‘Dung’ coating material offers amazing camouflage and can also absorb natural attractors that add a boost of attraction around the vicinity of your rigs.
    *Whether pre-soaked in attractors or simply wetted, the Dung finish darkens off and looks totally natural.

wet v dry stone leadswet v dry dung leads

Weights/Sizes Available Stone Camo Dung
2oz (57g)
2.5oz (71g)
3oz (85g)
3.5oz (100g)
4oz (113g)
€ 2,39 adviesprijs

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