Red Factor™ FF 20kg

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Product Information

Red Factor contains a high proportion of pure egg biscuit and our Ready Mix – which contains our legendary Robin Red so it is full of nutritional goodness.

Bait making tip:

Dampen it with water or eggs to form a tough Make Your Own Boilie paste, or boil round balls of Red Factor paste to make Make Your Own Boilies proper. Add flavour or other attractors to give your paste or Make Your Own Boilies their own identity, a unique nutritional signal.

Nutritional Information

  • The Analytical Constituents:  Oil A: 2%, Crude Protein: 10%, Crude Fibre: 0.8%, Moisture: 5.5%, Ash: 2.4%, Total Oil: 3.38%, 
    Starch: 62%

This baits feature the new Robin Red (UK/EU) natural. As a result of this improvement, you will notice a slight colouration change which will be a little less ‘blood red’ in colour and a more natural-looking ‘rust brown’ instead.

Please note: Recipes may change without notice in line with crop availability, but we'll always select a suitable replacement.

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