Low Pro Pod Kit - 3 rod Buzz Bars

Artikelnr: STH-LPPOD3

The stainless colosseum low profile pod has been designed and developed in the UK with the compact Angler in mind.

Using mini points and our new low-profile pod uprights giving a total adjustment of 60mm that will give you tips up or tips down depending on where you put the pod uprights back or front. Plus, you can extend or retract the pod length, with our twist lock central bar to extend or retract as is required by the angler.

The kit comes with the easy tight key, two thread protectors and a pod bag. With a choice of either the 7 and 8-inch 3rod mini fixed buzz bars or 11 and 12-inch fixed buzz bars, there is also a 2-rod version in 7 and 8 inch.

Add to this our list of Accessories that complements this Low-Profile Pod to make what we think is the most versatile pod out there.


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