Specialist Landing Net Handle XL

Artikelnr: SLNHXL

Our new Extra Long 4m Extending Landing Net Pole has been designed for the demanding big fish specialist when fishing off high river banks, landing fish in marginal reed and weed beds, and for the ease of netting fish when using Zig Rigs.

Designed for use with our Specialist Pan Net but has also proved ideal when used with a baiting spoon for ultra-accurate bait and rig placement.

  • Heavy duty, constructed from strong and stiff twin layer carbon.
  • Each section features our own unique locking system, twist lock when extended, and screw thread collar when not in use.
  • Standard 3/8” BSF thread is compatible with all popular landing net heads.
  • Ruggedly built – weighs 550g.
  • Length = 1.5m extending to 4m. Slimline diameter of 23mm.

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