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Product Information

GTP Spice (aka Grandad Ted's Poultry Spice). Hats off to Grandad Ted - the original founder of Haith's because GTP Spice fits superbly into the Haith's fishing bait ingredients range of bait related products, alongside: Robin Red, Ready Mix Colour Food and SuperRed.

In fact, GTPS does contain a fair bit of Robin Red EU/UK to comply with UK/EU animal feed regulations so it's perfect for boilies, ground baits etc., and hook baits.

If you look at the photos you will see immediately that GTPS and Robin Red share only one thing in common, the colour. Clearly GTPS is a much coarser blend, but it loses nothing by being thus. Indeed - in some situations - in a stick mix, for instance, or as a small PVA mesh parcel - it can be used straight from the bag.

The more inventive among you will no doubt immediately see the potential for this ingredient and will delight in finding ever more devious applications for this powerful, spicy mix. One sniff of the open bag and you’ll be hooked!

Nutritional Information

Protein: 17.00
Fibre: 11.80
Ash: 17.50
Moisture: 8.70
Oil/Fat: 16.74

This baits feature the new Robin Red (UK/EU) natural. As a result of this improvement, you will notice a slight colouration change which will be a little less ‘blood red’ in colour and a more natural-looking ‘rust brown’ instead.

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